Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conservative ties bind 4 La. phone plot suspects - Yahoo! News

Conservative ties bind 4 La. phone plot suspects - Yahoo! News
This story can be an example of a Trick Bag situation. Beltless and fresh out of jail, former fake pimp, James O'Keefe and his comrades are said to have targeted U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana because she voted for the health care bill. However, it is unclear if this particular claim is substantiated. It is reported Robert Flanagan, who was a participant, criticized Landrieu in a conservative publication for her health care vote.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blacks Breaking the Color Barrier on Right-Wing Talk

A Mystery Woman wrote this post on a popular Web site in response to the South Carolina politician's gaffe remark regarding poor people in America.
He called them "strays" and on the strength and knowledge of his ancestors, said they were not worth keeping alive and that they should be dead to keep them from reproducing.
This, coming from a man who is said to have benefited from welfare in the form of free school lunches. Is he suicidal? Maybe he wishes he had died as a child. It is all very schizo to me. One would think welfare and it's recipients would be the last thing he'd pick on but stupider things will be said. Children qualify for free lunch if they fall in an income percentage. Innocent children who don't work and who deserve to eat while learning in a public school setting.
Anyway, a self-identified "black female" is on his side. She agrees with him and may be starting an Andre Bauer fan club in a city near you. I pulled her comments from a public Web site.
"This six figure black female says THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! I mean folks we are seeing Americans with in demand high-tech career skills EMIGRATING! We have to draw the line somewhere. It is TERRIBLE to have a high income and paid for house and BE PENALIZED FOR BEING SMART AND SAVVY by paying & paying income taxes and KNOW you are paying to support a welfare state of affairs and a hyped up politically created war. I AGREE WITH THE MAN! Perhaps his wording could have been better chosen but who of us does not sometimes say the truth with poorly chosen words."
While I am glad for her success, her opinions regarding poor and disenfranchised in this country is so surprisingly short sighted and outright ignorant. I have to wonder what she does for "six figures" and who hired her. I guess Mystery Woman would have to fall on misfortune or hard times herself to understand what the less fortunate go through on a daily basis.
Anyway, this is how mystery woman replied to one of her critics:
"American M Regarding your "free lunches" comment directed at me you are wrong. Perhaps though you refer to your dear mother's eating habits... No reduced or free lunches touched my lips during the nineteen years I attended school. It would be easy to assume you are a working class caucasian American and you people created this mess. You were the trash of Europe when the quality Europeans ran you away from there long ago. Now we are stuck with you people here. I have long advocated the opinion that low quality US blacks are so because of early interbreeding with the European bloodstock on this sad side of the Atlantic."

There is something good to be said about a literate populace.
'Nuff said.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Fight for the American People"

President Obama says new Supreme Court rule regarding campaign finance will make it harder for candidates to stand up for the American people but easier for Special Intrest Groups to sway elections through advertising.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good vs. bad compromise in love -

Good vs. bad compromise in love -

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Upcoming New Coffee Maker

Somehow, after the warranty has expired, I cannot get my Mr. Coffee Grind and Brew to be the programmable item it was made to be. So I set the time several hours in advance to trick it into having my steaming hot cup of joe ready by 5:30 am. Nope. It was brewing around midnight. The glorious smell woke me up.
The smell of good coffee brewing in the morning is one of life's greatest things to enjoy. I like to set the coffee to grind fresh Eight O' Clock beans for my first cup but the programmable buttons do not work! Grrrrr.

They Believe the Spin

If the news prognosticators, political commentators like the president, then they will say favorable things about him. Keep in mind that many of them are more likely to earn over $250,000 per year than the audience they address each day.
So goes what we are hearing on the tele about the president. Most of it is just reading from a teleprompter and all opinions have an agreed upon right-slant tone.
I don't really know where anyone gets their opinions these days but no one in Massachusetts speaks for me. They are no longer Democratic in my opinion because they put a Republican in the U.S. Senate to represent them. It is as if the majority of the people there have changed their mind about the POTUS. They are speaking for themselves, not the real Democrats, like the Kennedy family. I do not understand what they are doing or why a Kennedy does not have that Senate seat. They have given so much for the American people to have basic human rights.
If the people of Massachusetts people are upset about joblessness, then get angry with the North America Free Trade Agreement. While I understand protectionism is out of style these days, NAFTA is a boon for Big Business not so much for the People. American companies are making more money because of NAFTA but the American people are suffering.
Why can't Corporate America hire more people since, at least in theory, they are making more profit?
Why? If I own a profitable company and I don't have to hire, why would I? That is an extra yacht for me or a longer European vacation, etc. What incentive does a company have to hire American, rebuild in America, stay in America?
When will we start looking at some of the existing laws that have been passed in the last 20 years and get all Teaparty-ish about that? Or how about that the unspoken deal between the financial district and the American people that they would loan money to the average person at a higher interest rate so that they could purchase a home? It used to be that not everyone could qualify for a mortgage or a credit card. Remember those days? There would be some who gloated about how nice their wardrobe was or how beautiful their home was and how not everyone could have the things that they have. And how having those things made them better people.(Capitalism and Classicism seem to go hand-in-hand) Then all of a sudden, college students were getting credit on signature! Anyone could have it for a price--now that is Capitalism. Now things have swung back to where they were previously–high credit score determines what you can borrow from banks. We have lost many beloved, long-standing businesses. Good American businesses and good American jobs. This happened way before Barack Obama became president.
What if all of those mortgage backed securities had worked out for everyone? What if no one was late on their mortgage? WE would not be having this conversation right now and quite possibly, Barack Obama would not be our president. Anger at the Establishment swept him into office and it looks as if that same anger is chipping away at a portion of his base of supporters now that Massachusetts has found its Great White Hope.
Every morning, I hear negative chatter about how the POTUS is doing and it all sounds like a personal problem these people have with him. Most of it is hypocritical, contradictory cross-talk directed from some lofty position above––an above $250,000 per year position. Keep that in mind as you listen to what comes down to sour grapes.

Cap and Trade Solutions

I had to look up what "cap and trade" meant and it is exactly as it sounds.
A company has so many pollution credits they get to use if they are heavy polluters or trade if they pollute less. The goal being to keep pollution numbers low, thus not damaging the environment.
I probably would not have come up with that idea myself but whatever works. Notice that saving the environment is different from not damaging the environment.
Could someone tell me what the current argument or problem is with this system of pollution control?
It is a hot button issue.

Are the American People always to be Placed in the Trick Bag?

Now, I know some of you don't know what a trick bag is but many of you do. You are old enough to know. I first heard of this term growing up in a little city called Gary, Indiana. Most of the people hear hail from the South and many of it's traditions followed. There is a colorful way of speaking when you are a southerner living north of Kentucky. During the 1970s, an even more colorful way of communication blossomed: Jive Talking. I date this activity during the time I was actually cognisant of it. It existed long before then but as a Generation X'er born 1966, I can actually only remember so much about the Baby Boomer Generation.
And I remember people talking about, "being in the trick bag."
It's when you are in a conundrum or an ordeal and there is no quick way out of the situation. Some people call it "getting jammed."
The opposite of being in the trick bag is having solutions to problems.
So which are we, as Americans? Are we in the trick bag or do we have real solutions?