Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Don't Sleep" TJ Holmes new late-night talk show on BET Premiers October 1 @ 10 CDT/11 EST

Promoting his new show, former CNN anchor, T.J. Holmes appeared recently (@ the 1:00 minute mark) on 106 & Park : TJ Holmes on Racial Profiling. His new show, "Don't Sleep," premiers on BET October 1, 2012 10 pm Central/ 11 pm EST.
I have been waiting the longest of times for this man's show. Thank You BET.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obama campaign ad, "Balanced"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pres. Obama celebrates quiet birthday at Camp David with close friends and family

A campaign-related birthday celebration in Chicago, Illinois is slated for the weekend of August 10th.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photos of Children at Play after a storm and downed trees

 A storm ran through NW Indiana Tuesday morning leaving thousands without power. Although many people had their power restored shortly after lunchtime, the children seemed lost without television! NIPSCO said remaining Gary and Hammond residents should have their power restored by Thursday.

Gary 5,800 all restored by Thursday night
Gary 46401  23
Gary 46402  350
Gary 46403  408
Gary 46404  997
Gary 46406  987
Gary 46407  509
Gary 46408  866

Hammond 2,200 all restored by Thursday night
Hammond 46320  230
Hammond 46323  92
Hammond 46324  1248
Hammond 46327  82
Hebron         232
Highland       465
Hobart         1588 (1,600 reported)
Knox           1242
East Chicago   19      
Knox       1,300
Merrillville   3,900  (2395 reported)
Munster 2,100
Valparaiso     1,000 power restored Wednesday late afternoon

Monday, May 7, 2012

Anna Marie Jarvis founder of Mother's Day

Anna  Marie  Jarvis  is  credited  as 
the  founder  of  Mother's  Day.  Her  own  mother  expressed  a  wish 
for  a  day  to  honor  mothers  after  a  Sunday  School  lesson  on 
mothers  of  the  Bible  when  Anna  Marie  was  12.  This  inspired 
her  to  take  up  her  mother's  cause  after  her  mother's  death  in

photo credit: Michael Drummond

 Anna  Marie  Jarvis

Jarvis  was  born  in  West 
Virginia  May  1,  1864.  She  was  the  ninth  of  11  children  born 
to  Ann  Marie  Reeves  and  Granville  Jarvis.  Her  mother  was  a 
teacher,  and  Jarvis  became  a  teacher  as  well.  She  never  had 

 Ann  Marie  Reeves  Jarvis

Jarvis'  mother's  work  with 
women's  organizations  inspired  the  creation  of  mother's  day.  The
  elder  Reeves  Jarvis  organized  a  series  of  Mother's  Day  Work 
Clubs  in  their  area  to  improve  health  and  sanitary  conditions.
 The  clubs  raised  money  and  hired  women  to  help  families  in 
which  the  mothers  had  tuberculosis.  Doctors  later  got  on  board
 with  the  idea  and  it  spread  to  other  towns.  During  the  Civil
  War,  the  mothers'  group  helped  clothe  and  feed  the  soldiers.
 In  spite  of  her  work  helping  other  mothers,  eight  of  Reeves 
Jarvis'  own  children  died  in  childhood.

 Mother's  Day

Ann  Marie  Reeves  Jarvis  died 
on  May  9,  1905.  Daughter  Anna  led  a  small  tribute  to  her 
mother  at  Andrews  Methodist  Church  on  May  12,  1907,  and 
dedicated  her  life  to  establishing  a  nationally  recognized 
Mother's  Day.  The  first  official  Mother's  Day  ceremony  was  in 
Philadelphia  on  May  10,  1908.  Six  years  later,  President 
Woodrow  Wilson  signed  a  Congressional  Resolution  setting  aside 
Mother's  Day  as  a  national  holiday  to  be  celebrated  on  the 
second  Sunday  in  May.