Thursday, February 18, 2016

#OfficialLovetwins to #SteveHarvey to #fatshaming #raceshaming: Let's stop being horrible to each other count down

I had the misfortune of running across YT # 1 *oon going off again about fat, overweight black women and why they do not deserve love or according to him, even to live. He mentioned this homecoming queen incident so I searched for the video. I really do not know what to think. Why hurt kids? Why be hurtful to anyone because they do not meet up to European beauty standards. Viv la difference! That is what makes our nation great - we are not all the same. Below is a comment found with the video.

"Unfortunately they didn't just clown her, they clowned the whole blk community. You are right this was a big joke, but sadly her and a lot of people did not realize it. I have seen this many times. White people give a black person a fancy job title like "assistant lead custodian' as a joke and the black person walks around with his chest out. They laugh at him behind his back at the way he is acting, and he never catches on he is being made of fool of. This happens a lot with black people; they clown us and we never catch on. Same thing here with Ole Miss and their first black homecoming queen. They did it as a joke and many black people including this young lady never catch on. Very sad."

This is the video I came across while looking at the superficial twin video from the Steve Harvey Show (I will post that one below this one) I did not know so many people hated black women.

I saw the videos and I know Steve Harvey has to tune his shows a certain way, but the black woman brand is at stake. There is nothing wrong with these women. Everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes without sanction.

If a man or a woman knowingly accepts a date from you looking like they just got off the couch, stepped on the back of their shoes and walked out the house to run to the store, you should always treat that action as a red flag because something is wrong. Unless you both agree to couchwear, most folks dress up a bit and such.
These women accepted dates from these men on the premise that they would be on a date. No one goes to a date with unkempt hair and crazy tartar stains. The women should have had their guards up. Rightfully, the women passed on what they saw and referred the men (who had been done up by make-up artists to look ragged) to friends of theirs who enjoy a fixer-upper. Not everyone has the time or inclination to teach social skills to a potential mate.
So what was Steve Harvey trying to say? Next time ladies, accept whatever the wind blows your way? Well-off black women should be put in their place?
What is Steve Harvey saying with this episode? These women are defending themselves from all sorts of people on social media. Why? They say they are friends with the guys. Friendship can lead to romance. All that being said, these women were honest with their feelings and are being vilified for it.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Use local police station for internet purchases, police say after shootings

Two people wounded by gunshots in Gary follow link to read story

"Westerfield said anyone who makes arrangements via the Internet to purchase an item is welcome to make those exchanges at the Police Department, 555 Polk St. Several other Region departments, including East Chicago, Griffith and Highland, also have offered up their facilities as safe meeting places."