Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Am Not Desperate to be Hooked Up to a Man (That's Trying to Whip My Ass Everyday!) *this ain't the color purple. that was fiction.*

I don't Know if I Get it or Maybe Too Blind to See it.

It may be both. I understand why I go to church: I want a deeper fellowship with God. Man is not enough for me. Mankind will let you down and is flawed and fallible. I choose God. It is not about a man but the Word of God! I want the lessons and the blessings God has in store for me. My first priority is my children. I have to watch out for their well being first. Remember the story of Job? The Devil made a bet with God. He said" "if you take all of Job's money, he will turn and curse You where You stand."
God said, "No he won't. Job is my faithful servant." Go read the Book of Job to get the rest of it, if you don't know how it all turned out.

I read some of the responses to the article and I found no wisdom in it. No God's Wisdom, anyway. One lady said married people in the church try to keep single people single by telling them how hard marriage is, to be mean and discourage them from marriage.

I will tell you this: Not everyone who is married, married well. I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about people who did not look before they leapt or had a hidden agenda for their marriage all along. Don't talk to these people about relationships because they obviously don't know anything. These people have business partnerships and arrangements. Listening to them will keep you confused. Instead, keep quiet and watch what they do and then ask yourself if that is what you want. A friend of mine told me that long ago and it is good advice. Watch what a person does, not what he or she says to you.

Understand that people who go to church are looking for many things and not all of it is above board but, they are working on themselves. If you happen to stumble into their path or a trap, understand what it is and ask God about it in sincerity. Seek His face! Seek God's Wisdom and you will find it. Will you accept what you find out about yourself? That is up to you. God operates under free will. He asked us to follow Him and His Word.
Our time on this earth should be turned toward serving God and His wants and needs. That is true happiness. He said it is better to marry than to burn (in desire.) In the Bible it says the woman who is married puts her husband and family first--same as the man. He puts his wife and family first, then serves God.
A woman in the Bible posed the question of, "how do I get my husband to go to church with me?" The response was for her to be obedient and through that demonstration, the husband would be so impressed with her he would be happy to join her in church.

How many of us are willing to be obedient?
Will we obey God?
Our husband or wife?
Will we bend our will?
Answer that question first.

Personally, I don't understand what the problem is. If you are single and employed, why aren't you happy? Do you have hobbies and interests? If you can, you should travel and meet people and get to know someone different from yourself. If you hate your job, find out what you are truly interested in and get a job doing that. Life isn't difficult when you are free.

If you are married, you should be having sex everyday. It will break through the stony places in your heart and you will fall back in love with your mate--if that is an issue. If you cannot have sex, do what you can do.
If your mate hates you, then you should seek God's wisdom in earnest or just do as you please as if God says nothing to you at all.

If you don't have any money, figure out your needs and wants and ask God about it. Ask Him to place a hedge of protection around you because you are weak and scared and need help.
All of these things are in the Bible. Did you know that where there are three or more gathered in prayer, God is there too? Pray in earnest, don't just say the words. Pray the Lord's Prayer if you don't know what to say.
I will say this: When you get down low enough and hurt enough, you will turn to God. I know this for a fact.
I think some of us don't want to take our medicine so that we may be restored to God. Sin separates us from Him. Pray for God to break through that sin and hardheartedness to restore you to Him and you will be happy.
Pride comes before a fall (from Grace.)
Women are single for reasons other than the church. We all know what we do. Many of these church women want a man of God, who seeks His Wisdom. They know that the man they choose will be the head of them. It's not difficult to follow a man who is truly a man of God because you both want the same thing. However, you have to understand the characteristics of a Godly man. Often, we get sidetracked from what we really want through trickery. Then again, sending the Persecutor to shout out your sins before God is the only way God can communicate with you to let you know you've gone astray. I know this for a fact. That is one of the Devil's jobs, to tell Him how bad and unworthy of His Grace and Love and Mercy you are because he isn't getting any of that. Sound like anyone you know? Yep.

Now let's take a look at that Ass Whipping thing. We know who you are and as long as we can avoid you, we will be happy. God give me the wisdom.

All he wants to do is keep you down and sad or angry or depressed. He wants you to feel bad all the time because you are never good enough for him and he is doing you a favor just by knowing you. You live under the threat of being single and alone without him. (go figure) If he has to choke you to get you to do what he says for you to do (even if it is at your detriment) then he will do it. Usually he just points out your many flaws. You have been hearing it so long that you tune it out but your heart hears it. That is why when a man who does not treat you bad comes along, you gravitate toward him. You don't know him from Adam but there is no pain involved so how bad could it be? Then you find out. I pray we win but sometimes that is not the case.

Some of us survive it and some don't. However, when you take a good internal look at yourself, you will figure out how to change that part of you that is so needy and prideful that you will take anything the wind blows your way and put him at the head of you and possibly your children, just to say you got a man or a husband or to save face. Then we have the gloaters. There is nothing nastier than a person who revels in another's emotional pain. You are simply the lowest human form of a demon. God have mercy on your soul.

No one is perfect. The one who was perfect, Christ, Our Saviour, was crucified. How much more should you get? So try not to hold a person's faults against them, like talking bad about the church and its people or about God or saying women are single because they spend all their time in church. It's not true and people lie to make themselves sound good on paper. Church in and of itself isn't enough of a draw to get anyone to do all of that. People go to church to seek God's wisdom and his Word. People who do other than that will fall away like the chaff from the wheat.

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