Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyone should donate a dollar toward the National Debt this tax season--if you care

I noticed the other day while filing taxes that there was an offer to donate a dollar or what ever amount you want, toward the national debt. It's located in the upper left hand corner of the tax form.
It is my suggestion, that anyone who wants to help dig their country out of debt, donate whatever amount in which you are comfortable.
I don't want to hear another so-called conservative whine about the national debt climbing but yet are unwilling to help. Heck, if you can help other countries, be willing to help your own as well. Any U.S. filer should consider donating. Most of us waste a dollar or lose a dollar's worth change in the car or the couch--wherever you sit the most.
I wonder what would happen if every household filer donated a dollar and every business $5?
Hmmmmmm. Solutions anyone?

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