Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Mike Pence is no friend to Northwest Indiana. Do not let him win governorship of this state.
Jim Wallace won't campaign past Indianapolis--Northwest Indiana Republicans. Let this be a note to the wise. Northwest Indiana had better support a man who supports Lake County. Our vote is valuable, we don't have to give it away to just anyone.

AS FOUND ON WIKIPEDIA so grain-of-salt it.

Governor Mitch Daniels will be term-limited in 2012.

Mike Pence, a Republican currently serving his sixth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, has announced his candidacy for his party's nomination. Pence (who has funraised over one million dollars) and whose announcement was anticipated by his resignation of a leading position in the GOP caucus in the House, is regarded as the favorite for election.[14]

Indianapolis businessman and former Hamilton County Councilman Jim Wallace (who has funraised about $500,000 and is probably a friend to Mike Pence) had previously announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination.[15][16] Other potential Republican candidates include former state Attorney General Steve Carter, current Indianapolis Mayor Gregory A. Ballard, conservative activist Eric Miller,[17] Indiana Superintendent of Public Education Tony Bennett, State House Speaker Brian Bosma, State Senate President David Long, and state GOP chairman Murray Clark.

Potential candidates in the Democratic field include Mayor of Hammond Thomas McDermott, Jr.,[18] Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez,[19] Rep. Joe Donnelly, former state House Speaker John R. Gregg, and state Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson. Former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh,[20] Mayor of Evansville Jonathan Weinzapfel, and former Rep. Brad Ellsworth have decided not to run.

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