Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I can't believe it files: "Sad Vanity Fair clone, don't do that. It is unattractive."

Journalists need ideas for non-controversial, safe stories all of the time but to use an article floated around to magazine editors (NYT, Bitch Media, XO Jane, Dame Magazine) for publication and payment but then, have it rewritten from another angle is just lazy. I am not a lazy, shiftless news reporter. I understand how to generate news without taking another writers' work and slapping my name on it.
I wrote a humor essay on the NYT Modern Love theme, as editors had a call for writers for that column. One snotty email later, the 2000 word essay was rejected.
I eventually placed it in the graveyard with all my other articles that have not brought in any money. Examiner pays by page view so you can guess at how much I have made.
I am putting all three long ass articles here in this post  so you can tell me who's zooming who, VF. (yes, I am calling you out!)
Pay me. I am totally ignoring how the article is good enough to use as inspiration but not good enough to pay and publish. I wrote an essay. There was no news reporting in my article but in the VF article, it appears as if there is a quote or two from a specialist as well as drinkers at a trendy bar. I hope the reported story is verifiable. It would be sad if it were fiction.

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